YVAC2023 jury - Chantal Vos

Chantal Vos

Categories: YVAC2023
Location: Netherlands

Chantal Vos is an associate partner and interior architect at Kraaijvanger Architects, a well-established firm based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. With a focus on public buildings, heritage preservation, and interior design, Chantal leads a dedicated department within the company, overseeing numerous large-scale architectural ventures.
Throughout her career, Chantal has demonstrated a deep understanding of the intricate relationship between interiors, architecture, and the surrounding environment. Her expertise lies in the creation of spaces that seamlessly blend functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability. Chantal firmly believes in the transformative power of architecture to shape communities and enhance quality of life.
Chantal’s portfolio encompasses a diverse range of projects, including commercial spaces, residential developments, educational institutions, and cultural venues. Her designs are characterized by a blend of innovative concepts, attention to detail, and a keen awareness of the clients’ needs and aspirations.
In addition to her professional pursuits, Chantal engages in architectural education, sharing her knowledge and expertise with aspiring architects. She graduated from the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, Willem De Kooning Academy, where her work received multiple nominations. Later in her career, projects undertaken at renowned design agencies led to international awards.
Chantal is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of architectural design and creating spaces that inspire and enrich the lives of those who experience them.