Hussein Bakri

Categories: YVAC2021
Location: UAE

Founder and Chief Architecture Officer at Bakri & Associate Development Consultants DMCC (BAD) in Dubai, UAE.

Having 20 years of wealth industry experience, Bakri designed multiple complex, large-scale residential and commercial, educational, governmental and recreational projects.

His passion of design leads him to create the recent large-scale project in Senegal, Akon City owned by the famous Senegalese-American RnB singer. Hussein is behind that $6 billion futuristic smart and sustainable city, inspired by nature, culture and the reflection of the surrounding species.

Bakri is also the creator of Diamniadio Lake City in Senegal, a $2 billion project. It is extending over 644 hectares, spanned into 3 districts and was called the first futuristic city in west Africa, if not whole Africa.

Among his recent work, Bakri designed Sahara Oryx in Senegal, Yerevan manifesto in Armenia, Senegal Pavilion for Dubai Expo, the extension of The Souq in Sana’a (the oldest living city in the world) in Yemen, Ghantoot Highway Rest Area in Abu Dhabi, all as part of a unique concept of emerging individual development or cities according to futuristic with sense of belonging as a vision.

Bakri is a jury member in Abu Dhabi University, architecture college. He is a guest speaker in many events and forums.