YVAC 2021 Young Visionary Architecture Competition 2021

YVAC 2021 Young Visionary Architecture Competition 2021


Young Visionary Architecture Competition 2021 was inspired based on the influential Architect Le Corbusier.

Le Corbusier was a visionary architect whose designs combined functionalism with bold sculptural expressionism. He belonged to the first generation of the International school of architecture.

This competition is international and involves unbuilt projects that were designed by students and graduates from all over the world during their career, and can be expressed as university projects, personal projects or graduation projects.

In other terms, YVAC 2021 is a “Designed Project’s Competition” where students and undergraduates submit their ideal Personal, University or Graduation project based on 3 competition categories and 18 sub-categories.

Therefore, we invite futuristic mindsets in the Architecture/Design field to take part in our Competition and in sequence showcase their hidden talents, spotlight their individual/team projects, and gain a global-scale recognition.

The competition serves to boost young students and recent graduates only. Entrants are allowed to participate as a solo(1) or a team (2-5) entries and must fulfil the following criteria: Undergraduates, Post graduates, and Recent graduates (of 2017 and more) that are completing or have completed one of the following:



A selection from the winners will be granted 2-6 months Internships at:

Melike Altinisik Architects | Istanbul, Turkey

Mold Architects | Athens, Greece

Drozdov & Partners | Kharkiv, Ukraine

AV62 Architects | Barcelona, Spain

Nabil Gholam Architects | Beirut, Lebanon

Nabil Gholam Architects | Seville, Spain


Total € 9,000

– 1 Winning team in each sub-category receives the cash prize award.
– 18 sub-categories
– € 500 For Team per sub-category


18 Coupons 
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-Coupon value: $200 (200 MegaCredits)
-Coupon code available for 1 year after results announcement.


In each sub-category:
A Winner Certificate
1st Runner up Certificate
2nd Runner up Certificate

+ Certificates of participation & honorable mentions


Winners, runners up, and honorable mentions will be published on our website, social media platforms, and several worldwide architectural magazines/websites.


Competition categories are set according to project typology and scale that are common criteria amongst all types of projects. Young Visionary Architecture Competition 2021 comprises 18 award categories that are broadly grouped under 3 main categories: Architecture, Interior, and Urban Design.

Note: when submitting your project, you are required to choose the project’s relative category and sub category. For support, kindly contact support@standoutarchi.com

Architecture Design Awards

Architecture Residential Award

This category involves the design and building of residential properties. Such projects include multi-floor residential buildings, renovations and remodels.

Architecture Commercial Award

This category has its own field of design, with distinctive concerns and practices. Offices, retail outlets, and other facilities are included where commercial business is conducted.

Architecture Recreational Award

This category encloses the buildings and campuses used for leisure, sports, adventure and thrill activities. Accepted projects are sports complexes, stadiums, amusement parks, cinema halls and theatres.

 Architecture Transportation Award

The mandatory static nature of architecture provides a foil to the kinetic program of buildings dedicated to transportation architecture. Accepted projects are airports, terminals, and stations.

Architecture Cultural Award

This category involves properties that are often designed with the principle of advancing public education. Accepted projects include historic buildings, works of art, archaeological sites, libraries and museums.

Architecture Monument Award

This category involves the structures that are explicitly created to commemorate a person or event, which are relevant to a social group as a part of their remembrance of historical times or cultural heritage because of its artistic, historical, political, technical or architectural reasons.

Architecture Educational Award

Educational architecture is a strapping tool for stimulating creativity, as well for enhancing concentration, motivation, and understanding. Accepted projects are kindergartens, high schools,colleges or universities.

Architecture Healthcare Award

Accepted health-care facilities are hospitals, primary health-care centers, isolation camps, burn patient units, and feeding centers. 

Architecture Industrial Award

 This category involves factories, warehouses, foundries, steel mills, water towers, grain silos, distilleries, breweries, refineries, power plants, and many other tailor-made utilitarian structures.

Architecture Skyscrapers Award

Skyscrapers since years are the future of development as the value of land goes higher and parts of land are not simply available. The Design seeks to explore and investigate the possibility of a relatively adequate temporary housing solution.

Architecture Mixed use Award

Mixed-use combination brings together several uses within either one building or a small area. Mixed-use buildings aim to combine three or more uses into one structure such as residential, retail, hotels, parking, transportation, cultural, entertainment, and others.

Interior Design Awards

Interior Educational Award

Educational interior design is a strapping tool for stimulating creativity, as well for enhancing concentration, motivation, and understanding. Accepted projects are kindergartens, schools, or universities.

Interior Residential Award

One of the biggest arenas for designers is residential design, or the interiors of spaces in which people live. Accepted projects are houses, apartments, condos, and anywhere else where people reside.

Interior Healthcare Award

This category involves facilities such as hospitals, primary health-care centers, isolation camps, burn patient units, feeding centers and others. 

Interior Exhibitions Award

Exhibitions usually occur within a cultural or educational setting such as a museumart galleryparklibraryexhibition hall, or World's fairs. Exhibitions are usually within cultural or educational setting as arts, museums, galleries, libraries, exhibition hall, and world's fairs.

 Interior Retail Award

Accepted Retail projects involve businesses that include grocery, drug, department and convenient stores. Service related businesses such as beauty salons and rental places are also allowed to be submitted as retail businesses

Urban Design Awards

Street and Landscape Urban Award

This category refers to the elements within and along the street right - of-way that define its appearance, identity and functionality. These elements include adjacent buildings and land uses, street furniture, landscaping, trees, sidewalks, and pavement treatments.

Urban Design Award

This category involves the designing and shaping of the physical features of cities, towns, villages, and planning on an urban scale and scope.


Oleg Drozdov

Position: Drozdov & Partners
Categories: YVAC2021
Location: Ukraine

In 1990 he graduated from Kharkiv University of Civil Engineering with a degree in architecture. He lives and works in Kharkiv (Ukraine). In 1991-1997 he pursued a career of an artist, and in 1997 he established “Drozdov & Partners” architectural practice. The office works on a wide international scale (South Korea, France, Switzerland, the USA, Spain, Kuwait) and embraces the philosophy of critical artistic pragmatism.

He was one of the authors and reviewers of a course project in Columbia University GSAPP in 2011. In 2017  he founded Kharkiv School of Architecture, the first private architectural school in Ukraine. Currently, he is a key tutor at the department of techniques and technology, and he focuses on the search for a new understanding of tectonics.

He curated Ukrainian projects at the Rotterdam Biennale of Architecture “The Flood” in 2005 (“Monisto” research project that explores Odessa seafront development) and Moscow Biennale of Architecture in 2012 (“Circumstances” project that traces the “lifelines” of some of our built projects). He was also in charge of “Terralogia” art project (Kyiv, Kharkiv, 2015) and “Patiologia” project (Kyiv, Kharkiv, 2007) which was an in-depth research into the nature of patio houses.

He is also one of the experts of EU Mies Award.

Oleg Drozdov

Drozdov & Partners

In 1990 he graduated from Kharkiv University of Civil Engineering…

Juan Ramirez

Position: 3XN Architects
Categories: YVAC2021
Location: Denmark

Juan Ramirez is an Architect MAA and Associate at 3XN Architects in Copenhagen, Denmark. He has extensive international experience across Europe, the Americas and Asia. Juan has been part of the design and development of multiple high-profile 3XN projects, including the SAP Garden Arena in Munich, the Bergen ByArena, and the 2 Finsbury Avenue Office Towers development at Broadgate in London.

Juan Ramirez

3XN Architects

Juan Ramirez is an Architect MAA and Associate at 3XN…

Melike Altinisik

Position: Melike Altinisik Architects
Categories: YVAC2021
Location: Turkey

Melike Altınışık as an award-winning architect is the founder of internationally recognised architecture practice MAA – Melike Altınışık Architects with offices in Istanbul and Seoul. She is dedicated to develop an innovative approach towards architecture, urbanism and design. Her design work has received numerous prestigious design awards including Europe 40 under 40, FEIDAD Design Award 07’ and Swiss Art Award. Her work includes prize winning projects such as 369m tall futuristic Istanbul TV and Radio Tower and the world first pioneer Robot Science Museum in Seoul.
Prior to forming her award winning practice MAA, Melike Altınışık Architects in 2013 in Istanbul , she has worked in London almost 7 years with Zaha Hadid Architects ( between 2006-2013).

Melike Altinisik

Melike Altinisik Architects

Melike Altınışık as an award-winning architect is the founder of…

Massimiliano Gotti

Position: LAB71 Architetti
Categories: YVAC2021
Location: Italy

Architect, PhD in Architecture: Theories and Project at Sapienza University of Rome. He has taught, at Sapienza University of Rome, Polytechnic of Milan and at BAU Beirut Arab University, Architectural and Urban Design Studio, Theory of Architecture, Vernacular Architecture, Landscape Architecture.

Design director at LAB71 architetti, in 2011 he won Alfa Romeo’s contest for a traveling stand at the main international fairs. From this experience born a long collaboration with FCA Group that led him to develop many concepts and design projects for the main brands of the Group, up to the special mention for creativity for Abarth’s stand at Geneva International Motorshow 2016. He recently designed CASA 500 exhibition space inside Giovanni and Marella Agnelli Art Gallery.

Massimiliano Gotti

LAB71 Architetti

Architect, PhD in Architecture: Theories and Project at Sapienza University…

Anderson Inge

Position: AA School
Categories: YVAC2021
Location: United Kingdom

Anderson has combined architectural practice with teaching for nearly 30 years, in the UK as well as the USA.  He has built extensively in Docklands, London, and a bit in the mountains of Colorado.  Having trained initially in both architecture and structural engineering at MIT, mid-career he undertook study in sculpture at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts School and at Central St Martins, London.  Anderson’s teaching now concentrates on integrating structural and architectural design, delivering courses and workshops at numerous universities, including the design & build programme at the Rural Studio, Alabama, the Bartlett School of Architecture, and UCL Civil Engineering’s Masters of Engineering and Architectural Design course.

Anderson Inge

AA School

Anderson has combined architectural practice with teaching for nearly 30 years,…

Andrea Canclini

Position: Politecnico Di Milano 1863
Categories: YVAC2021
Location: Italy

Andrea Canclini is an Adjunct Professor of Theory in Contemporary Architectural Design at the Politecnico in Milan, and a Visiting Professor at Beirut Arab University. He graduated in Architecture (Politecnico di Milano, 1996) and in Philosophy (Università degli Studi di Perugia, 2012), and holds a PhD in Architecture (Politecnico di Torino, 2017). As a researcher, he has participated in international conferences and published worldwide on architectural critic and history, and their cultural basis

Andrea Canclini

Politecnico Di Milano 1863

Andrea Canclini is an Adjunct Professor of Theory in Contemporary…

Iliana Kerestetzi

Categories: YVAC2021
Location: Greece

Iliana Kerestetzi ( M.Sc in Advanced Architectural Design, Columbia University, NY 2009) founded MOLD ARCHITECTS in 2011. Their practice integrates research, architecture, landscape, advanced computational design, parametric design, graphic design, interior design, construction, visual arts. Their work has been included in group exhibitions and received various awards and distinctions including the: SADAS-PEA 2014 Award – Best Residential Project for 2009-2013, DOMES 2014 Award – Best first project of a young architect for the years 2009-2013, Nomination for the Mies van Der Rohe Award 2015, Nomination  for the Piranesi Award 2015, 100% HOTEL DESIGN AWARD 2016, Finalist for the East Centric Architecture Triennale Award 2016, 100% HOTEL DESIGN AWARD 2019, BIG SEE ARCHITECTURE AWARD 2021, BIG SEE INTERIOR ARCHITECTURE AWARD 2021,

Iliana Kerestetzi


Iliana Kerestetzi ( M.Sc in Advanced Architectural Design, Columbia University,…


Hussein Bakri

Categories: YVAC2021
Location: UAE

Founder and Chief Architecture Officer at Bakri & Associate Development Consultants DMCC (BAD) in Dubai, UAE.

Having 20 years of wealth industry experience, Bakri designed multiple complex, large-scale residential and commercial, educational, governmental and recreational projects.

His passion of design leads him to create the recent large-scale project in Senegal, Akon City owned by the famous Senegalese-American RnB singer. Hussein is behind that $6 billion futuristic smart and sustainable city, inspired by nature, culture and the reflection of the surrounding species.

Bakri is also the creator of Diamniadio Lake City in Senegal, a $2 billion project. It is extending over 644 hectares, spanned into 3 districts and was called the first futuristic city in west Africa, if not whole Africa.

Among his recent work, Bakri designed Sahara Oryx in Senegal, Yerevan manifesto in Armenia, Senegal Pavilion for Dubai Expo, the extension of The Souq in Sana’a (the oldest living city in the world) in Yemen, Ghantoot Highway Rest Area in Abu Dhabi, all as part of a unique concept of emerging individual development or cities according to futuristic with sense of belonging as a vision.

Bakri is a jury member in Abu Dhabi University, architecture college. He is a guest speaker in many events and forums.

Hussein Bakri


Founder and Chief Architecture Officer at Bakri & Associate Development…

Mohamad Beydoun

Categories: YVAC2021
Location: Lebanon

Mohamad Ali Beydoun is a Lebanese entrepreneur that Won the business man of the year in 2017  founded L’ART-QUI-TECTE in 2012 & nationaL’ART in 2015 that created  245 Projects in the FNB / Residential / Educational & Commercial Sectors  .And  In 2016, he launched his greatest project, Lebanon 2040. The latter is a nonprofit organization that aims at developing Lebanon by creating a sustainable environment in the city.

Mohamad Beydoun


Mohamad Ali Beydoun is a Lebanese entrepreneur that Won the…



07 June 2021
28 June 2021
Early-Bird Registration
29 June 2021
27 July 2021
Standard Registration
28 July 2021
18 Aug 2021
Final Registration
Starts 21 Aug 2021
Jury Summoning


Nominating Top 3 and Honorable mentions

Online meeting with jurors commenting on projects of each winner (date to be confirmed later), 1st runner up, 2nd runner up, and honorable mention of each sub category without announcing. The link will be available for all.

20 Sep 2021
Results Announcment

ZOOM meeting will take place before this date. Participants will be informed regarding the shortlisting process and the meeting.

NOTE: Submission is open during registration dates.
Project Submission Starts: 7 June 2021
Project Submission ends: 21 August 2021 | 11:59 pm UTC


Drozdov & Partners
Mold Architects
Melike Altinisik Architects
AV62 Architects
Nabil Gholam Architects



How can I participate?

The entry must register in our website and proceed with the payment. The entry will receive an email containing an ID and further procedure after a successful transaction. An email will be sent including the submission link. The entry will fill the project details and upload the files there.

Does the registration fee differ between solo and team entry?

No. The registration fees remain the same for team entries.

Can I register at early-bird phase and submit my project at standard/late phase?

Yes. Each individual/team entry can register at early bird phase and submit their project at any other phase. 

Where will I use the ID? What is the procedure of the submitting the project?

The ID will be automatically generated (except for supported countries) after the payment. It will be used as a reference in the A1 posters. The participant will receive an email including the submission page link. The ID and email address will be used as reference for each submission.

What is the duration of each internship?

Internship duration is set according to the respective firm's schedule. The duration is varied between 2 and 6 months.

If my team will consist of 4 members, will all of us get the internship prize in case of winning? If yes, will all of us be at the same firm/country of internship?

If a firm chooses to accept less than 4 members based on their schedule or any other reasons, Standout Archi will set the internship for the other members in another firm/country. 

To whom will the internship prizes be awarded?

6 winners out of 18 will recieve the internship prize at 6 different locations. 
The jury members will vote for the best projects that deserve the internship award.

What if my country requires a Visa to the country of the internship?

Standout Archi will manage to award the internships based on several criteria including the visa issue.

In case of winning, can I choose the firm to do the internship at?

Unfortunately not. However, the winners can contact Standout Archi at support@standoutarchi.com and ask for the preferred location/firm. If possible, Standout Archi will award the internship at the preferred location/firm.

Who covers the expenses of the flight and accomodation?

The winning individual/team is responsible to cover the internship expenses. However, Standout Archi will award 500 EUR to each winning team. Standout Archi may cover the flight cost of 1 or 2 internships.

My country is supported by Standout Archi and requires less fees and manual registration, If my team wins, will we receive all of the mentioned prizes including the internships and cash prizes?

Definitely yes. If you/your team wins, you will receive all of the mentioned prizes without any modification or editing.

Can one team submit multiple projects?

One project per registration is allowed. Participants are allowed to register multiple times if they wish to submit more than one project.

Can I add/edit/remove team members?

No. Once the registration is done, the team will be unable to modify the team members. However, in critical cases, you can contact Standout Archi at support@standoutarchi.com

We are experiencing problems with the registration/submission process.

Please contact support@standoutarchi.com for assistance. Our team will reach out as soon as possible.

What are the required number of posters for submitting?

Kindly check the submission requirements.

Can I get a certificate of participation in case of not winning?

Every participant will receive a certificate of participation upon request on support@standoutarchi.com within 2 months of results announcement.

In case I refuse the internship prize, who will receive it instead?

In such cases, the internship prize or any other prize will be awarded to another sub category winner.

What are the internships starting and ending dates?

The internships will start after results announcing. There is no specific date set for the internships, thus Standout Archi will set the most suitable date for the winners and the firms. (approx. 3-6 weeks after results announcing).