Architecture Commercial Award

Young Visionary Architecture Competition 2021 - Winners


Tanmoy Dey
Shaibal Rakshit | Bangladesh

Project Title: One Stop Service Building Design for Chittagong Port Authority
Project Typology: Commercial Building

Project Description

The design proposal was projected for “One Stop Service” building for Chittagong Port Authority which is located at a busy-playful node of the city with various activities. Our task as designers was to provide solution how the structure will serve as commercial component along with providing one services to the surrounding city dwellers.

1st runner up

Sara Hajj Hassan | Lebanon

Project Title: Karantina Water Front Market
Project Typology:Outdoor Market space

Project Description

The project is my undergraduate project. It is a visionary project designed before the blast of the port of Beirut. It sets a market at the edge of the city to resist traffic, noise, and trash caused by the markets from interrupting residents. The project is surrounded by the Beirut Port, the Beirut River, and is directly connected to a major Highway that connects several residential neighborhoods.
The project aims to take the Karantina market to a new competing level.

2nd runner up

Lucas Valle | Brazil  

Project Title: Navem
Project Typology: Office Building

Project Description

Navem is an office building that seeks to bring the city into the design with multiple public spaces in the form of stores, an elevated garden, a sky deck and a green house, while at the same time keeping the efficiency needed for a workspace. It's alternating floor plans surrounded by awning-like gardens and sun breezes, create a dynamic and intriguing addition to the city's skyline, while at the same time maintaining comfort for the users at all times of the day and minimizing the impact on the region's natural wind flow.