Architecture Cultural Award

Young Visionary Architecture Competition 2021 - Winners


Namish Jain | India

Project Title: Aikyam: Memorial for Peace, Pokhran 
Project Typology: Memorial for peace against war

Project Description

Peace memorial, a project to signify the importance of peace. Ancient India was always considered a peace-loving country, but today the scenario is not the same. India has been ranked 139th position among 163 countries in the global peace index 2020. There is a continuous rise in internal conflicts and also with its neighboring countries like China, Pakistan, Nepal, etc. The aim of the project is to bring a sense of peace for users as well as will act as a national symbol - India stands for peace.

1st runner up

Wen YingXin | China

Project Title: Revive
Project Typology: Tourist Leisure Center

Project Description

The design re-examines the connotation of traditional architectural elements from a contemporary perspective. The site is located in China, adjacent to the ancient culture street in a northern city. Taking the traditional "Dougong" as the main design element, the designer starts with its construction mode and morphological characteristics as the prototype, and finally puts forward a new structural system to organize the architectural space. People experience Chinese traditional culture deeply in this building, whose design reconstructs a close relationship between human and tradition.

2nd runner up

Maple Lin | USA   
Xinwei Chen | China        

Project Title: Station to Station
Project Typology: Community Center

Project Description

The 16th St Train Station is located at the edge of West Oakland. Though long passed its most vital time, the site, with its historic significance, along with its proximity to the neighborhood, is to become again a focal point that, not only commemorates its political, social, and technological participation, but also converges local residents, the youths, and the musicians. The new building is a multifaceted community center that supports educational, musical, as well as various communal activities, and simultaneously presents to the community its retrieved vitality.

Honorable Mention

-Dongmin Lee   
-Suho Shin   
-Jihwan Kim   
-Yeonu HWang   
-Yejin Han 
| Republic Of Korea

Project Title: The Media Library
Project Typology: The media library 27 is a space with 27 colorful lights

Project Description

Media Library 27 is a box that contains various light relationships, from horizontal windows that emit a constant amount of light, skylights made of free-form curves that change every moment, and Breeze Soleil, which subtly illuminates the light inside. In addition, since each room is separated by color space rather than by a simple wall, even a short walk will give you the illusion of listening to music in the space.