Architecture Educational Award

Young Visionary Architecture Competition 2021 - Winners


Sofya Savenkova | Australia

Project Title: Lost in Reflections 
Project Typology: Education space

Project Description

With the growing number of environmental issues it is critical that people recognise the importance of change, both individually and collectively. The project creates initiatives that connect communities with Indigenous perspectives and understanding of Country, enhancing the sensory experience of flora and fauna. Proposal improves the collective experience of the Country through the emotional, spiritual, sensorial and social experiences, facilitating collective education. Project redefines architecture by creating a new dynamic and spatial experience that moves with the light, and catches shadows, enriching the Country's naturally created environment.

1st runner up

Andrew King | United Kingdom

Project Title: Carg.College
Project Typology: Educational

Project Description

This project, titled Carg.College, was an exploration into how the re-use of a listed sugar silo in Liverpool could be used to make the wider region a more equitable, sustainable and prosperous place through the positive impacts of vocational education. The project, completed in my 5th Year in 2021, lead on from a previous project called ‘Carg.Co’ which sought to drastically change the operational structure of the Port of Liverpool and mitigate some of its current negative impacts on the people who live nearby.

2nd runner up

Elena Kontogiannidou | Greece
Melisa Domanic | Turkey
Isacco Angelin | Italy

Project Title: Alberti High School Renovation
Project Typology: High School

Project Description

The project is based on renovation of a high school in Torino. The interventions are made on both the exterior and the interior of the existing building in order to make the school building more functional and self-efficient. The interior organization is redesigned to make the spaces more adequate for modern teaching methods. Moreover, an additional function- social hub- is added to the school, making the building open for both the students and the community.