Architecture Healthcare Award

Young Visionary Architecture Competition 2021 - Winners


Kristina Tehova | Bulgaria

Project Title:National Children’s Hospital
Project Typology:Project aiming a public debate on hospital architecture

Project Description

This project is a complete escape from the feeling of a hospital experience, paying attention to how this can affect the children's physical and mental health. First of all it gets rid of the cliché of functionalism and give more importance to the way in which the architectural environment affects its inhabitants. By architectural means is created a children world , very easily accepted by the child's psyche. Nature, games, colours and intriguing zones are implemented in the complex function of the hospital.

1st runner up

Juan Teixeira | Spain

Project Title: Healthcare Center in Bilbao
Project Typology: Healthcare center

Project Description

The main idea of the project was to define a new definition of the relationship between architecture and health, a new prototype of a health center. This project tries to break some conventional conditions to turn the building into a new place that transmits serenity, and comfort while enhancing the virtues of its context. The project is developed in one of the sites with the greatest future goals for Bilbao citizens, close to Zorrozaurre island; located in a strategic point with a strong urban identity that somehow hides from the typical industrial environment of its surroundings.

2nd runner up

Sose Khachatryan | Armenia

Project Title: Therapy through tactile sense
Project Typology: Therapy Center

Project Description

Realizing that buildings direct and guide our behavior and are able to affect the mental and physical state of its users, the project aims at stimulating the tactile sense usually neglected in the urban life. The therapy center is more like a contemporary spa at the same time employs a programmatic layout similar to roman thermal baths. Those were served as social centers, though the Therapy Center provides an environment more conducive to personal retreat and rejuvenation, emphasizing tactile sense over visual.

Honorable Mention

Haaris Zafar | India


Project Description

Wars and Post traumatic stress disorder always have a direct relationship as they are influenced by multiple external factors which form a complex web in that region, thus directly or indirectly affecting an Individual milieu internally in terms of PTSD. The project aims to bind them together in the form of a collective memory in an urban space without having any conflict over their traumatic memory. An order is created as an equilibrium over a complex web of mental conflict in order to not affect them mentally when the survivors get back to their Traumatic Urbanism.