Architecture Mixed Use Award

Young Visionary Architecture Competition 2021 - Winners


Martin Crespi
Pia Fattor | Argentina

Project Title: U.A.C Once
Project Typology: Agriculture Center

Project Description

The Urban Agriculture Center aims to create new opportunities for the city and its inhabitants with a sustainable approach. The design resolution responds to the weather conditions in order to lower the environmental impact of the building. Overall, this building suggests new ideas for the future of the city, enabling comfortable and healthy spaces for the people.

1st runner up

Karya Deniz Gülerer
Sümeyye Nur Öztürk
İlayda Nehir | Turkey

Project Title: The Seed
Project Typology: Autonomous Censor-free System

Project Description

Is it possible to express ideas in a censor-free platform, what will be the representation of this platform in the city, in a three dimensional world, can this censor- free platform be invisible and quite visible at the same time? The Seed contains these arguments in its core, it is a rebellion against the existing censorship. It can be felt in different ways according to the regions, countries and the authorities, although it is experienced in different levels, it doesn’t change its existence.

2nd runner up

Juan Teixeira | Spain

Project Title: Rotterdam Culinary Center
Project Typology: Culinary Center

Project Description

In order to consolidate the positive dynamics that Dutch gastronomy has experienced in the last decade, a Culinary Center is proposed in the Vierhavensblok area (Rotterdam), an area of marked industrial and port nature immersed in an urban regeneration process. The culinary center lies in a hybrid building where teaching and communal living coexist. The main purpose of this new benchmark institution is training, and innovation in culinary techniques from a firm link to the Dutch geographical, productive, and cultural context. It concentrates its most extensive and public program on the ground floor, which offers culinary teaching and multipurpose services.

Honorable Mention

Robin Fortunato | France

Project Title: The Great Escape
Project Typology: Dyeing Retreat

Project Description

This project aims to create a dyeing retreat on the outskirts of the city of Leicester. By transforming the, once industrial, site of St Mary Mill's into a peaceful hideaway, this retreat renews the interest of the keen observer to bespoke pieces. It finds itself being born as a response to an environmental crisis in the textile industry where overproduction, mass consumption and waste have become the norm for everyday life. A new masterplan is proposed, finding and discovering the 'lost' areas of the site, which were overlooked and forgotten by the passage of time and are once again celebrated.

Honorable Mention

Thomas Goessler | Austria

Project Title: Floating City
Project Typology: Rural floating detached homes and mixed-use

Project Description

The proposed project is a floating village located in the remote Pacific state of Kiribati. The beauty of the island lies in its fragility which might also mean it might soon suffer the consequences of climate change and big parts of the islands likely will be flooded within the next century. The big-scaled structure is the frame for the creation of a combinable and replicable housing model according to Kiribati’s settlement typology, namely villages composed of family aggregations.

Honorable Mention

Jarod Sheu Yuan Yap | Malaysia

Project Title: Autonomous City : A Tale of Borneo
Project Typology: Culture & Agriculture, Living Accommodation

Project Description

This project aims to breathe new life into the highly adaptable Bajau culture and preserve its traditions where it all started decades ago at Semporna, Sabah in Malaysia. Autonomous City brings green innovations that encapsulate the basic elements that one has long forgotten and creates a synchronized solution towards several problems faced by the “Sea-Gypsies”. An adventure of discovering, realizing, and unfolding another layer deeper into what architecture really is demonstrates how history and the present weaved together and create what is possible in the future.