Architecture Recreational Award

Young Visionary Architecture Competition 2021 - Winners


Jimena Córdova | Peru

Project Title: Metropolitan Stadium in Lima | Typology Morphosis of the Urban Stadium
Project Typology: Stadium

Project Description

Nowadays stadiums are known for turning into “white elephants”, as closed-off spaces lacking integration with its physical, social and environmental context. The proposal aims to reevaluate the purpose of the typology by re-imagining a new interface, forgetting the traditional idea of the closed-off stadium. Rethinking the design to turn it into a permeable and porous building, a place for interaction and leisure through public accessibility, openness and transparency as integral elements. Morphing it to match the urban context with the purpose of being continuously and actively used by the whole community promoting involvement, human contact and social activities.

1st runner up

Hajar Younes | Lebanon

Project Title: The Desert Breach
Project Typology: Cave Resort

Project Description

The mountain cave resort shall restore Levantine cultural inheritance within its context, acting as an active cultural and ecological feat within the natural prehistoric mountain walls that were once inhabited by Palmerian ancestors. Located on a site containing primordial carved spaces , the resort will incorporate mountain carved lodges as a catalyst for the rich yet isolated oasis within the vast desert landscapes, which hold a prehistoric water management system. Unraveling the mysterious hidden trails and canals of the past, while integrating the future lake plans to act as a mediator between the public (the Riverwalk and cave exhibitions).

2nd runner up

Kristina Tayar | Lebanon

Project Title: Marine Center Floating Seascape
Project Typology: Resorts, Water Activities, Research, Education

Project Description

The project I submitted is my proudest body of work yet, my final year master’s project. Given full creative freedom and autonomy on topic, concept and location I chose to design a contextual marine center on an abandoned existing site of 10 000 m2 adjacent to the Mediterranean Sea in Lebanon. The intention was to create a space for the public where education, research, the land and the sea are all in dialogue with one another creating a new experience.

Honorable Mention

Sizhe Wang | China

Project Title: Dancing with Water
Project Typology: Recreational Building – River Spa

Project Description

Elbe River water is used as the main energy source to create a meteorological architecture. A series of physical transformation processes between different forms of water are responding to different space. Hence, this water-architecture depicts how this meteorological architecture interplays with the water and renders what various kinds of picturesque scenes. It also elaborates the correlation between body, water substance and nature element's characteristics. This fairyland is also a surprise for the seaman who spend a few days on tough sea voyage, and they gains a short-lived but fantastic experience with water in an unconventional way.