Architecture Skyscraper Award

Young Visionary Architecture Competition 2021 - Winners


Melisa Ozyurek | Turkey
Malak Saadeh | USA
Peidong Yang | China
Sheng-Lin Hsu | Taiwan
Duy Huu Nguyen | Vietnam

Project Title: The Displaced City
Project Typology: Collective housing/community within the urban setting of Miami, Florida.

Project Description

The Urban Agriculture Center aims to create new opportunities for the city and its inhabitants with a sustainable approach. The design resolution responds to the weather conditions in order to lower the environmental impact of the building. Overall, this building suggests new ideas for the future of the city, enabling comfortable and healthy spaces for the people.

1st runner up

Reshma Talukder | Bangladesh

Project Title: L-HABITAT
Project Typology: Residential Skyscraper

Project Description

The demand for micro-housing is increasing in developing countries like Bangladesh rapidly. As modern problem needs modern solution, so this software generated modular system can be a unique solution for this emerging crisis. This sculptural skyscraper is evolved through the concept of the Bio-mimicry of Tree. For the bio-mimicry of the structure of the tree and growth pattern generation, L-SYSTEM is used as the logic of the growth of a tree. This system allows generating the progression pattern of the structure of a tree which is further transformed into turtle graphics to create orthogonal shape for functional suitability.

2nd runner up

Samer Abboud | Lebanon

Project Title: [RE] Generate
Project Typology: Mixed-Use Skyscraper

Project Description

The building was designed to answer the youth's needs and demands after the traumatic blast that happened on August 4th, 2020. It is a mix use building between residential and commercial that also fits public functions such as bars and a gym. The building is located on a plot near the Charles Hello bridge in Beirut, Lebanon with a direct view to the port.

Honorable Mention

Eun Kim | Republic Of Korea
Davide Tarantella | Italy

Project Title: URBAN OASIS
Project Typology: Residential skyscraper

Project Description

‘Urban oasis’ is a residential skyscraper designed by the system of spatial filters to create many different levels of privacy to enrich a sense of comfort in a spatial sequence from the public to the private sphere. To create a connection between natural and urban elements, the Urban oasis is designed by spatial filters. These ‘in-between spaces’ are considered as the potential spaces to maximize the comfort of inhabitants. Each residential module has a SoHo(Small office Home office) with a flexible Smart service unit that creates a neutral space for adaptable use during the day.