Architecture Transportation Award

Young Visionary Architecture Competition 2021 - Winners


Christian Chin | Singapore
Tejas Chavan | India
Pearlyn Chang |Singapore

Project Title: Launch/Strip
Project Typology: Hyperloop Terminal and Research Campus

Project Description

Hyper connotes the extreme, speed and movement; Loop connotes connections, linkages and relationships. Enter the Hyperloop Terminal and Research Campus, Nevada, North America. As a cutting-edge transportation hub, the Launch/Strip envisages a living-laboratory environment, beyond being a mere transitional transportation hub, it becomes a launchpad for new technological solutions and methods in response to paradigm shifts in urbanism and mobility. The proposal also interrogates a new form of Transit Orient Development, one that promotes a symbiotic relationship between the hyperloop transport system and campus living.

1st runner up

Beyza Ayaz
İrem Tümay
Utku Doğanay | Turkey

Project Title: FASTener
Project Typology: Hyperloop Desert Campus

Project Description

While our journey starts across unexplored horizons, Hyperloop connects our big crowded world, like a “zip fastener”. This futuristic mode of transportation, which will make speed an indispensable part of our lives, creates itself with a capsule and carrier. The space between the two capsule carriers needed for the construction of its own structural existence contains spatial potential. The Campus, which is formed by sitting/attaching to the existing structure, creates a station where it is located under the Hyperloop and opens like a fastener and contains the programs needed. The campus is in-between the futuristic Hyperloop and its primitive context.

2nd runner up

Napatr Emseedaeng
Puwan Wattanajarungrat
Chawin Chantharasupit | Thailand

Project Title: The Boundary
Project Typology: Space port

Project Description

The Boundary, an atmospheric transportation hub. Foreseeing into the future of the space colony age. Public transportation and logistics system are quintessential parts of future societies. The boundary act as a linkage connecting the earth station to the liminal station (in space), Which reduces fuel energy consumption and spaceship traveling time by vertical hyperloop structure. The liminal station includes earth immigration office, space hotel, and space terminal. The boundary will be a platform that shortens the distance between mankind and outer space. It is representative of the substantial progress of the space discovering era.

Honorable Mention

Soumar Al Kamand | Lebanon

Project Title: Symbiotic Beings on purgatorial territory ( Beirut_ Port)
Project Typology: Maritime transportation hub

Project Description

The parasitical manifestation that happened on august 4th in Beirut made us once again (re)think the relation between the port and the city of Beirut on so many levels. The proposed project is a Maritime transportation hub that would complement Charles Helou bus and Taxi station forming altogether an urban dynamic node within the urban fabric of the city transforming infrastructures necessities into gathering places for social interactions. The terminal will acting both functionally and spatially as a mediator between the urban environment and maritime activities and present itself as a continuous extension of the city’s existing structure.