Interior Design Award

Young Visionary Architecture Competition 2021 - Winners


Anirudha Adivarekar | India

Project Title: Arabian Sea oceanarium: place to call home for marine life
Project Typology: Public space + Recreational + Entertainment

Project Description

The oceanarium exhibition public space concept offering all visitors a sensuous and captivating experience of life journey under the water, which is based on various themes such as Jim Corbett forest, Elephanta Cave, the tropical oceanarium, and coral reef – sea rainforest.
The oceanarium focuses on all marine aquatic life from cold, warm, and salt waters, etc. Housing over 224 different species and creatures found on three coasts the Malabar, the gulf of Khambhat, and Lakshadweep Island.

1st runner up

Simona Piras | Italy
Ujzë Zhuri | Kosovo

Project Title: Summer house in Pantelleria
Project Typology: Residential – Vacation house

Project Description

Casa Vittoria is a summer house built in 1975 by the Architects Oscar Tusquets and Lluìs Clotet starting from the typical Pantelleria’s structure, the Dammuso. The project proposal aims to solve the difficult connection between the two floors and ensure comfort through the use of custom furniture, using the traditional walls and materials of the Island.

2nd runner up

Nimra Tariq | India

Project Title: HOPE- Space Exploration Hub
Project Typology: Modern Interior design

Project Description

A space exploration observatory that builds awareness and contributes towards the future goals and long-term visions of UAE. The aim is to create a space equipped with abundant resources to explore and conduct research in the field of space exploration and astronomy and make the experience highly interactive and uniquely futuristic through the utilization of advanced technologies.