Streetscape and Landscape Award

Young Visionary Architecture Competition 2021 - Winners


Yeh-Ju Weng | Taiwan

Project Title: Oasis in the Sky
Project Typology: Urban landscape

Project Description

Segregation can be seen everywhere in the United States. In many cities, natural and geographic barriers are used to strengthen racist beliefs. The impact of segregation affects today’s urban landscape. For this reason, through this design, we hope that they will return to their original intentions in this city. Create a new center through the urban space, provide a new mode of social gathering for residents, make the sky plaza an important public space for residents of different ethnic groups in the city, to solve the problem of no communication between races after returning to the building residence.

1st runner up

Gracie Meek | USA

Project Title: Groundscapes + Watermarks
Project Typology: Under highway Streetscape and Wetland Park

Project Description

The project engages with the historic infrastructural landscape of New Orleans to reclaim run-down, but lively space under the I-10 expressway and the adjacent vacant greens sliced by exit ramps. The main goals of the project are to support the spontaneous uses of the space under the expressway and to make an aggressive effort to address stormwater to accommodate flooding by linking existing drainage infrastructure. Divided into two zones: exit ramp residual space transformed into bioretention ponds parks and an underhighway elevated groundscape, the intervention is both precise and indeterminate. It pulls the surrounding specific city context under the highway.

2nd runner up

Stelios Oikonomidis 
Elena Hadjiconstantinou  | Cyprus

Project Title: Garbage City
Project Typology: Waste of space

Project Description

Getting an old meditation system of the city and  making a new one using the unusable space in the city and create new places where people can get benefit of them.