Dear students, architects, and designers,

It’s the day we are all waiting for. Inspired by the incredible Frank Lloyd Wright, Young Visionary Architecture Competition 2023 has been all about celebrating creativity not in one, but 10 different categories. 

A huge shout out to everyone who poured their hearts and souls into their designs. Your passion and imagination have blown us away, setting the stage for what’s next in the world of architecture. YVAC2023 was a race of 10 different paths, and every contestant was striving to win the opportunity that’ll boost their career. We believe participating in this competition and attempting to take part in such a race is an achievement itself. We congratulate all the participants for this achievement, and the winners to crossing the finish line first. 

And it’s worth noting that picking the winners among all your incredible entries was tough for the jury members – you’ve all brought something special to the table!

Architecture Cultural Award:
Winner: 782155 – Peiyu Luo
First Runner Up: 562015 – Dharma Wijaya
Second Runner Up: 561650 – Elias Achy

Architecture Cultural Award 2 (including Architecture Healthcare Award):
Winner: 561778 – Ngoc Anh Mai
First Runner Up: 231476 – Ngo Thanh Quy
Second Runner Up: 782393 – Sofia-Rafailia Mandi
Honorable Mention: 561636 – 
Dylan Baliski
Honorable Mention: 561658 – Peter Karuga Kanyeki

Architecture Recreational Award:
Winner: 562055 – Mohsen Bokaei
First Runner Up: 782294 – Yagiz Atesoglu
Second Runner Up: 782387 – Maria Onsina

Architecture Educational Award:
Winner: 561770 – Abdallah Kamel
First Runner Up: 561756 – Sakib Nasir Khan – Nazifa Nawar Subha – Jahra Jarin Jemi
Second Runner Up: 782378 – Bárbara Vizioli

Architecture Residential Award:
Winner: 561916 – Prin Ke
First Runner Up: 561742 – Yong Rong Ooi
Second Runner Up: 562004 – Javier Rubio
Honorable Mention: 562056 – Mohsen Bokaei

Architecture Industrial Award:
Winner: 561960 – See Long Fan
First Runner Up: 561943 – GeunHo Min

Architecture Mixed-Use Award:
Winner: 562029 – Giovanni Ratto – Filippo Vajra
First Runner Up: 562048 – Mohsen Bokaei
Second Runner Up: 782245 – Robertino Oscar Coriolani
Honorable Mention: 782416 – Luka Stevanović – Maša Djekić – Filip Vasić – Tamara Mladenović 

Architecture Mixed Use Award 2 (Including Architectural Monument Award):
Winner: 562014 – Miruna Marincas
First Runner Up: 562006 – Luan Fontes
Second Runner Up: 561963 – Alessandro Pagliuca
Honorable Mention: 562070 – Nastassia Kustouskaya – Maciek Szukała

Urban Design Award:
Winner: 561714 – Jennifer Wei Zhang – Chee Kin Tan
First Runner Up: 782336 – Charalampos Neokleous – Ioanna Nithavrianaki
Second Runner Up: 561984 – Marilena Zachariou – Ifigenia Tymviou – Irene Gregoriou

Urban Design Award 2 (including Street and Landscape Urban Award):
Winner: 561803 – Dhairya Wadhwa
First Runner Up: 782414 – Noor Ammar
Second Runner Up: 561719 – Riva Shah

-The Architecture Monument Award has been eliminated, and its projects have been reassigned to the most suitable categories. Meanwhile, the Mixed-Use Award now features two groups of winners.
-The Architecture Healthcare Award has been eliminated, and its projects have been reassigned to the most suitable categories. Meanwhile, the Architecture Cultural Award now features two groups of winners.
-The Urban Design Award and Urban Street and Landscape Award were merged together and now features two groups of winners.
-The Rankings of the 10 winners (regarding the cash prize) will be announced on January 26. (Updated)
-This results page will be updated to include the projects after the final announcement of the rankings of the 10 winners.
– Details regarding the prizes distribution will be emailed to the winning participants once the final results are out.
– For any inquiries, kindly contact


Final Result | STAGE 3

1 | 562029 – Giovanni Ratto – Filippo Vajra

2 | 561916 – Prin Ke

3 | 561770 – Abdallah Kamel

4 | 561714 – Jennifer Wei Zhang – Chee Kin Tan

5 | 561778 – Ngoc Anh Mai

6 | 782155 – Peiyu Luo

7 | 562055 – Mohsen Bokaei

8 | 561960 – See Long Fan

9 | 562014 – Miruna Marincas

10 | 561803 – Dhairya Wadhwa

For any inquiries, kindly contact

Stage 1
Participants submit their projects based on 10 different categories with each category competing independently.
Each jury member will be assigned a category to evaluate and will select the top 10 projects of the category through a shortlisting process and will advance to the next stage.
Stage 2
The top 10 projects from each category are required to submit their portfolios, as the portfolio contributes to 30% of the total grade of the internship phase.
Jury members will proceed to evaluate and grade the 10 projects within their category and determine the First place winner, first runner-up, second runner-up and honorable mentions if applicable.
The First Place winner in each category will be awarded an internship and will advance to the next stage of the competition.
Stage 3
At this stage the First place winners from each category will have their projects ranked by all jury members from 1-10 for the grand cash prize. (check the prizes section for details)