Young Visionary Architecture Competition 2023, an international competition inspired by the architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

Wright, the “Father of Architecture,” left a major impact on the world of design and construction. His architectural philosophy emphasized harmonizing structures with the natural environment, a concept that continues to resonate with architects and designers to this day.

Despite his remarkable achievements in designing over 1100 structures, it is equally essential to explore Wright’s collection of 660 unbuilt projects. These projects serve as a testament to his visionary imagination and his pursuit in pushing the boundaries of architectural possibilities.

The competition seeks to honor the visionary spirit of Frank Lloyd Wright by inviting young architects and designers from around the world to dive into the realm of unbuilt projects fostering creativity, pushing architectural boundaries, and envisioning tomorrow’s built world.

Young Visionary Architecture Competition 2023 is a design based competition that involves unbuilt projects by students and graduates from all over the world. The projects can be expressed as personal or university projects.

YVAC2023 Categories:

1.      Architectural Cultural Award

6. Architectural Industrial Award

2.      Architectural Mixed-use Award

7. Architectural Monument Award

3.      Architectural Educational Award

8. Architectural Healthcare Award

4.      Architectural Recreational Award

9. Urban Design Award

5.      Architectural Residential Award

10. Street and Landscape Urban Award


Standout Archi has partnered up with 10 renowned international firms. Each of this firms will actively participate in the competition and represent a jury member to assess a specific category and select one internship winner within their category.

Competition process:  The competition Involves 3 stages from the beginning of the competition registration till the distribution of the prizes. 

Stage 1
Participants submit their projects based on 10 different categories with each category competing independently.
Each jury member will be assigned a category to evaluate and will select the top 10 projects of the category through a shortlisting process and will advance to the next stage.
Stage 2
The top 10 projects from each category are required to submit their portfolios, as the portfolio contributes to 30% of the total grade of the internship phase.
Jury members will proceed to evaluate and grade the 10 projects within their category and determine the First place winner, first runner-up, second runner-up and honorable mentions if applicable.
The First Place winner in each category will be awarded an internship and will advance to the next stage of the competition.
Stage 3
At this stage the First place winners from each category will have their projects ranked by all jury members from 1-10 for the grand cash prize. (check the prizes section for details)

Submission Requirements:  YVAC2023 submissions are required to meet the competition criteria. Kindly note that submissions with different criteria will not be considered for the evaluation phase.


  • The competition is open to students and recent graduates.
  • Participants must be currently studying or holding a degree in Architecture, Interior Design, Urban Design, or closely related fields.
  • Recent graduates must have obtained their degree in 2018 or more.
  • Submissions can be made individually (1 participant) or as a team of up to four (4) members.
  • In the case of a team entry, all team members are required to meet the specified criteria above.



10 INTERNSHIPS will be awarded to the first place winners of the 10 categories at the following firms:

1- CRA – Carlo Ratti Associati | Torino, Italy  –  6 months Paid Internship

2- MVRDV Architects | Rotterdam, Netherlands  –  6  months Paid Internship

3- Kraaijvanger Architects | Rotterdam, Netherlands  –  6 months Paid Internship

4- Chybik + Kristof | Brno, Czech Republic  –  6 months Paid Internship

5- ELIA Architects | Barcelona, Spain  –  3 months Paid Internship

6- Marco Casamonti & Partners / Archea Associati | Paris, France –  6 months Paid Internship

7- ACPV ARCHITECTS Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel | Milano, Italy –  6 months Paid Internship

8- SASI STUDIO | London, UK –  3 months Paid Internship

9- MAD Architects | Rome, Italy –  3 months Paid Internship

10- Lombardini22 | Milano, Italy –  3 months Paid Internship


Total € 6,500


Cash Prize

1st winner

3000 EUR

2nd winner

1000 EUR

3rd winner

800 EUR

4th – 6th

300 EUR

7th – 10th

200 EUR

Computational Design courses  (For the winner, runner ups, and honorable mentions of each category)

4 Computational Design courses from Miautics Academic Institution with Accredited Certificates 

  • Revit course
  • Advanced Revit course
  • Grasshopper full course 
  • Unreal Engine full course 

20 Coupons   (For the First and Second Runner ups of each category)
For 3D rendering services at Cloud Render Farm.
-Coupon value: $200 (200 Mega-Credits)
-Coupon code available for 1 year after results announcement.


In each category:
Winner Certificate
1st Runner up Certificate
2nd Runner up Certificate
Honorable mention Certificate

+ Certificates of participation for all participants
Note: All certificates of achievement are verified with a QR code.


Winners, runners up, and honorable mentions will be published on our website, social media platforms, and several worldwide architectural magazines/websites.


Young Visionary Architecture Competition 2023 involves 10 award categories:


Architecture Cultural Award

This category involves buildings intentionally designed to raise cultural awareness and promote public education.

Eligible projects span a wide spectrum, including but not limited to historical sites, artistic installations, archaeological landmarks, libraries, museums, and various other forms of cultural architecture.


Architecture Recreational Award

This category encloses buildings and spaces designed for leisure, sports, adventure, thrill, and various public activities.

Accepted projects span a wide array, including sports complexes, stadiums, parks, halls, theaters, malls, restaurants, and any other public-oriented building that foster recreation and engagement.


Architecture Educational Award         

Educational architecture serves as a powerful tool for fostering creativity, as well as improving concentration, motivation, and understanding.

Accepted projects encompass a wide range, from kindergartens and high schools to colleges, universities, and any other structure linked to the realm of education.


Architecture Residential Award 

This category involves the design and building of residential properties.

Projects under this category span a variety of forms, including multi-floor residential buildings, renovations, remodels, hotels, offices and other innovative residential structures.


Urban Design Award        

This category entails the art of crafting and molding the physical attributes of urban landscapes, encompassing cities, towns, and villages on a broad urban scale and scope.

Accepted projects within this category include urban planning initiatives that contribute to the development and enhancement of the built environment.


Architecture Industrial Award             

This category embraces a diverse range of utilitarian buildings designed for industrial purposes.

Projects within this category include factories, warehouses, foundries, steel mills, water towers, grain silos, distilleries, breweries, refineries, power plants, and various other custom-designed industrial facilities.


Architecture Monument Award              

This category involves the structures that are explicitly created to commemorate a person or event, which are relevant to a social group as a part of their remembrance of historical times or cultural heritage because of its artistic, historical, political, technical or architectural reasons.


Architecture Healthcare Award            

Health-care architecture plays a vital role in promoting wellness and providing essential medical services.

Accepted projects encompass a range of facilities, including hospitals, primary health-care centers, isolation camps, burn patient units, and feeding centers, all contributing to the advancement of healthcare infrastructure.


Street and Landscape Urban Award     

The Street and Landscape award refers to the elements within and along the street right-of-way, shaping its identity and function.

These elements encompass adjacent buildings, street furniture, landscaping, trees, sidewalks, and pavement treatments, enhancing the urban environment's aesthetic and practical aspects.


Architecture Mixed-Use Award             

Mixed-use blends several functions within a building or limited space.

Projects involve combining two or more uses into one structure such as, residential, commercial, hospitality, transportation, cultural, and many others that combine multiple purposes.


YVAC2023 jury - Carolina Anselmino

Carolina Anselmino

Categories: YVAC2023
Location: Italy

Carolina holds a double Master’s in Sustainable Architecture from the Politecnico di Torino and Politecnico di Milano, and a Master’s in Strategic Design of Space from the IE School of Architecture and Design. She has studied and worked in the USA, Spain, Lebanon and France, gaining experience in several fields.
Traveling the world, she realized how culture, physical space, and everyday life impact one another. She strongly believes in the power of urban planning – leveraging data and technology – to provide a more sustainable and equitable future.

Carolina Anselmino


Carolina holds a double Master’s in Sustainable Architecture from the…

YVAC2023 Jury - Francesco Barone

Francesco Barone

Position: MVRDV
Categories: YVAC2023
Location: Netherlands

Barone is an architect based in the Netherlands. After commencing his architectural studies in Rome, he went on to earn a master’s degree in Architecture from TU Delft, with a thesis centering on the exploration of novel urbanization models. Francesco started his professional career in Paris and currently holds the position of Senior Project Leader at MVRDV Architects in Rotterdam. At MVRDV, he specializes in managing complex, large-scale projects that span both architectural and urban scales.

Francesco Barone


Barone is an architect based in the Netherlands. After commencing…

YVAC2023 jury - Chantal Vos

Chantal Vos

Categories: YVAC2023
Location: Netherlands

Chantal Vos is an associate partner and interior architect at Kraaijvanger Architects, a well-established firm based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. With a focus on public buildings, heritage preservation, and interior design, Chantal leads a dedicated department within the company, overseeing numerous large-scale architectural ventures.
Throughout her career, Chantal has demonstrated a deep understanding of the intricate relationship between interiors, architecture, and the surrounding environment. Her expertise lies in the creation of spaces that seamlessly blend functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability. Chantal firmly believes in the transformative power of architecture to shape communities and enhance quality of life.
Chantal’s portfolio encompasses a diverse range of projects, including commercial spaces, residential developments, educational institutions, and cultural venues. Her designs are characterized by a blend of innovative concepts, attention to detail, and a keen awareness of the clients’ needs and aspirations.
In addition to her professional pursuits, Chantal engages in architectural education, sharing her knowledge and expertise with aspiring architects. She graduated from the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, Willem De Kooning Academy, where her work received multiple nominations. Later in her career, projects undertaken at renowned design agencies led to international awards.
Chantal is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of architectural design and creating spaces that inspire and enrich the lives of those who experience them.

Chantal Vos


Chantal Vos is an associate partner and interior architect at…

YVAC2023 jury - Paolo Vimercati

Paolo Vimercati

Position: LOMBARDINI22
Categories: YVAC2023
Location: Italy

Paolo is the Director of Master Planning at L22. His experience is wide ranging and international having worked for over 15 years in renowned international architectural practices. Paolo has led complex urban and infrastructural projects in France, Italy, Albania, China and the UK. His approach is centred on the relationship between human and natural environments, focusing on the delivery the optimal balance to minimise environmental impact and maximise positive social change. Paolo combines his professional practice with research and teaching engagements to ensure an inclusive approach to knowledge and design, as well as the ability to remain aware and engaged with the most pressing issues that society faces.
Paolo lectures regularly in London, Paris, Milan and Tirana where is currently visiting Professor at the UMT.
Since 2020 Paolo has been part of Circuit a Research Programme investigating the potential of Circularity in the Design and Construction industry in Collaboration with the GLA, Imperial College, RE:London and the UKGBC.
He is currently developing a new research project exploring the relationship between Analogue and Digital Mindsets and its impact on design at all scales.
Paolo has studied in Italy, Finland, the UK and Switzerland completing a Master of Advanced Studies in Sustainable Territorial Planning at the Accademia di Architettura di Mendrisio.

Paolo Vimercati


Paolo is the Director of Master Planning at L22. His…

YVAC2023 Jury - Alessandro Fisalli

Alessandro Fisalli

Categories: YVAC2023
Location: China

Alessandro Fisalli is an architect with international experience gained across the Middle East, Asia and Europe. Since 2018, he is working as a senior architect for MAD architects, first in Beijing and then in Rome. He has been involved in some of the most recognizable MAD projects, such as: Shenzhen Bay Culture Park, Quzhou Sports Park, Jiaxing Civic Centre and Fenix Museum of Migration.

Alessandro Fisalli


Alessandro Fisalli is an architect with international experience gained across…

Mattia Santi

Mattia Santi

Position: Architectural Association School
Categories: YVAC2023
Location: England

Mattia Santi is the co-founder and director of SASI Studio, an architecture and design office based in London. He previously worked as a Senior Architect at Zaha Hadid Architects, after having worked in many international practices including Farshid Moussavi Architects in London and Alvisi Kirimoto & Partners in Rome.
Mattia Santi is Lecturer at the Architectural Assocation and he has been teaching with many international institutions. He has been an invited speaker in several public events such as Beyond BIM, London Build, Teulo Talks, etc..
Mattia holds a MArch in Architecture and Urbanism (DRL) from the Architectural Association and an MEng in Architectural Engineering with honours from University of Rome Tor Vergata.
Mattia is also co-founding director of the digital magazine Data Aided Design.

Mattia Santi

Architectural Association School

Mattia Santi is the co-founder and director of SASI Studio, an…

YVAC2023 Jury - Ignasi Gutierrez

Ignasi Fontcuberta

Position: ELIA
Categories: YVAC2023
Location: Spain

Ignasi Fontcuberta Gutiérrez is a licensed architect, graduated with honors in 2011 from the School of Architecture in the Polytechnic University of Catalunya (UPC- ETSAB). He was a visiting student at the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) during the school semesters of 2009/2010, and intern at Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM Chicago) until the spring of 2011. In 2012 he joined the Office of Architecture in Barcelona (OAB) as an architect, where he developed and led multiple national and international projects and competitions in places such as Barcelona, Ibiza, Miami, Los Angeles, Turkey, Norway or Germany. In 2016 he pursued a master’s degree in Sustainability and Modern Methods of Construction in the Polytechnic University of Catalunya (UPC- ETSAV) and in 2017 co-founded Estudi biga, which became an associated architectural studio of OAB. Since 2013 Ignasi has combined architectural practice with university teaching. That year he joined the International University of Catalonia (UIC) as a Design Studio associate professor. In 2018 he also joined the Polytechnic University of Catalunya (UPC- ETSAB) as an Architectural Technology associate professor, specialized in dry and prefabricated construction. In 2022 Ignasi co-founded ELIA, a sister company of OAB, with the mission to meet the new needs of society, especially in KSA. ELIA brings to its projects innovation, technology, sustainability, technical services and multimedia, among others. Ignasi currently is ELIA’s Head of Design.

Ignasi Fontcuberta


Ignasi Fontcuberta Gutiérrez is a licensed architect, graduated with honors…

YVAC2023 Jury - Ondřej Chybík

Ondřej Chybík

Categories: YVAC2023
Location: Czech Republic

Ondrej Chybik (*1985, Brno, the Czech Republic) studied architecture and urban planning at the Brno University of Technology in the Czech Republic, at TU Graz, Austria, and at ETH Zurich in Switzerland, where he studied urban strategies for the Indian megapolis of Mumbai and the Brazilian mining town of Parauapebas. The work was subsequently exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in New York as part of the collective exhibition Uneven Growth. During his studies, he also worked in several domestic studios and the Vienna-based PPAG collective.
In 2010, together with Michal Kristof, he founded his own studio CHYBIK + KRISTOF (CHK). Significant projects include the Czech Pavilion at the World EXPO in Milan, the Lahofer Winery in Dobsice near Znojmo, the renovation of Mendel’s Greenhouse, and the Gallery of Furniture in Brno, for which the studio received the Grand Prix OA award. Currently, together with the studio, he is working on his own projects and works as the chief architect of Valasské Mezirici. He regularly sits on juries of architectural competitions and is a guest critic at domestic and foreign universities (TU Liberec, Politecnico di Milano in Italy, etc.)

Ondřej Chybík


Ondrej Chybik (*1985, Brno, the Czech Republic) studied architecture and…

YVAC2023 jury - Francesco Simonin

Francesco Simonin

Categories: YVAC2023
Location: France

Francesco Simonin completed his studies at the Sapienza University of Rome, where he gained a solid foundation in architecture. Subsequently, he continued his academic journey at the Polytechnic University of Milan, obtaining a Master’s degree in Architecture and Urban Design, which allowed him to refine his skills and expand his professional perspective. During his academic journey, he had the opportunity to work as an intern at Archea Associati – MC&P, a valuable learning experience where he collaborated with established professionals and contributed to projects focused on sports facilities.
After graduating, he embarked on his career as an architect at Archea Associati – MC&P, where he had the honor of being involved in large-scale international projects. Working on mixed-use projects, Simonin had to demonstrate a broad vision and the ability to address complex requirements from international clients.
Fransesco’s professional path reached another significant milestone where he was appointed as the point of contact for French projects at the firm. Following this opportunity, he relocated to Paris and established the studio’s branch dedicated to the development of projects in France. This new challenge allowed him to further enhance his project management skills and collaborate with talented professionals in the industry.

Francesco Simonin


Francesco Simonin completed his studies at the Sapienza University of…

YVAC2023 Jury - Paolo Mazza

Paolo Mazza

Position: ACPV ARCHITECTS Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel
Categories: YVAC2023
Location: Italy

Paolo Mazza is an architect, and partner of the Milan-based architecture and interior design practice ACPV ARCHITECTS Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel.
Graduated in architecture from the Polytechnic University of Milan (Politecnico di Milano) in 1998, he began collaborating with the firm in 2000, becoming a partner in 2017.
In addition to leading the design teams on some of the most important projects of the practice – including the adaptive reuse of the former De Sonnaz barracks for the new Turin headquarters building of Italian consulting firm Reply, the interiors of the premium passenger lounges and facilities at the Doha international airport, and the new post-office concept for Poste Italiane – Paolo Mazza heads ACPVLab, the firm’s in-house R&D department, which explores new ways of designing the built environment through a data-driven approach.
ACPV works worldwide, developing complex projects and ranging in various scales of intervention, in synergy with a qualified network of specialists.

Paolo Mazza

ACPV ARCHITECTS Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel

Paolo Mazza is an architect, and partner of the Milan-based…



25 September 2023
10 October 2023
Early-Bird Registration

55 EUR / Entry

11 October 2023
1 November 2023
Standard Registration

65 EUR / Entry

2 November 2023
20 November 2023
Final Registration

75 EUR/project

Starts 23 November 2023
Jury Evaluation

- Shortlisting top 10 projects of each category
- Online meetings with shortlisted participants will be held for the rankings.

10 January 2024
Results Announcment

- The category winner will receive the internship prize
- The rankings of all the winners will be announced on November 20th to decide the cash prize
- All other prizes will be distributed after the results announcement

NOTE: Submission is open during registration dates.
Project Submission Starts: 25 September 2023
Submission deadline: 22 November 2023 | 22:00 pm UTC



MAD ARCHITECTS              Website     LinkedIn    Instagram

Location: Rome, Italy
Internship duration: 3 months paid internship

"MAD Architects, headquartered in Anhui, China, is an innovative architectural firm celebrated for its boundary-pushing designs. Led by visionary architect Ma Yansong, the firm seamlessly blends nature, technology, and artistry to create a distinctive global impact.

With a diverse portfolio encompassing urban landmarks, cultural institutions, and residential marvels, MAD Architects marries audacious concepts with meticulous craftsmanship, resulting in captivating structures that evoke emotional connections. Embracing sustainability and cutting-edge technology, the firm pioneers forward-looking designs, leaving an indelible mark not only on Anhui's architectural landscape but also on the global stage. In the dynamic intersection of convention and creativity, MAD Architects remains at the forefront, reshaping spaces and charting the course for the future of urban living."


MVRDV                      Website     LinkedIn    Instagram

Location: Rotterdam, Netherlands
Internship duration: 6 months paid internship

"MVRDV was founded in 1993 by Winy Maas, Jacob van Rijs and Nathalie de Vries. Based in Rotterdam, Shanghai, Paris, Berlin, and New York, we have a global scope, providing solutions to contemporary architectural and urban issues in all regions of the world. Our highly collaborative, research-based design method involves clients, stakeholders, and experts from a wide range of fields from early on in the creative process. The results are exemplary, outspoken projects that enable our cities and landscapes to develop towards a better future."


CRA- Carlo Ratti Associati              Website     LinkedIn    Instagram

Location: Torino, Italy
Internship duration: 6 months paid internship

"CRA-Carlo Ratti Associati is an international design and innovation practice based in Turin, Italy, and New York City. Drawing on Carlo Ratti’s research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the office is currently involved in many projects across the globe, embracing every scale of intervention – from furniture to urban planning. Among recent projects are the Italian Pavilion at Expo Dubai 2020, biophilic skyscraper CapitaSpring in Singapore, the urban curatorship of Manifesta 14 Prishtina biennial, the redesign of the Agnelli Foundation HQ in Turin, and the master plan for Milan Innovation District (MIND). CRA is the only design firm whose works have been featured three times in TIME Magazine’s “Best Inventions of the Year” list – respectively with the Digital Water Pavilion, the Copenhagen Wheel, and Scribit. In the last years, the office has been involved in the launch of Makr Shakr, a startup producing the world’s first robotic bar system, and Scribit, the write&erase robot."


Lombardini22                      Website     LinkedIn    Instagram

Location: Milano, Italy
Internship duration: 3 months paid internship

"We look at more than just design, we take a step back, examining the wider context for each and every project. Lombardini22 is a dynamic and creative workplace, a laboratory that brings together over 400 professionals – a diverse team of highly skilled experts who specialise in different disciplines, all working in harmony. Lombardini22 is a community, a place for self-expression. Different personalities come together to offer collaborative, one-of-a-kind, client-focused architecture. Lombardini22 is the result of a desire to design together, drawing upon the relationships between people: the members of our group, our clients, specialists, suppliers and allies time and time again – we seek out the ideal combination to achieve the optimum end result, through partnership and mutual support. Art and culture make our working environment a source of surprise, inspiration, and dialogue with the community.
L22 Design Thinking: different disciplines and a shared philosophy"


Archea Associati – MC&P                   Website     LinkedIn    Instagram

Location: Paris, France
Internship duration: 6 months paid internship

"Founded in Florence in 1988 by Laura Andreini, Marco Casamonti and Giovanni Polazzi, Archea is a architecture studio in which more than 200 architects work in Florence, Rome, Milan, Genoa and Paris. In 1999, the founders were joined by Silvia Fabi, coordinator of the studio’s design activities. Thanks also to the collaboration with partner companies in Tirana, Beijing, Dubai and Sao Paulo, the studio has realized works of Architecture, Design, Interior Design and Graphic Design all over the world. Archea Associati’s interests and research activities move from the landscape to the city, from building to design and, while focusing on architecture, the projects range from graphics to publishing – with the direction and editorial staff of the international architecture magazine “Area” – from exhibitions to applied research. The complementarity between the different activities focused on composition in relation to the various scales of the project opens a constant critical reflection on the themes of the construction of architecture. In addition to research in the design field, each member of the firm carries out a parallel activity in the Faculties of Architecture in Genoa, where the architect Marco Casamonti is Full Professor of Architectural and Urban Design, and in Florence, where the architect Laura."


CHYBIK + KRISTOF                      Website     LinkedIn    Instagram

Location: Brno, Czech Republic
Internship duration: 6 months paid internship

CHYBIK + KRISTOF is an architecture and urban design practice founded in 2010 by Ondrej Chybik and Michal Kristof. Operating with 60+ international team members and offices in Prague, Brno, and Bratislava, the practice aims at creating bridges between private and public space, transcending generations and societal spheres. Considering local histories and environmental specificities, the studio works on various projects, from urban developments to public and residential buildings.

Recent projects include: Zvonarka Bus Station (CZ), Multipurpose Arena in Jihlava (CZ), Sugar Factory (CZ), Pearl Gallery (CZ), Manifesto Market (CZ), Municipal Affordable Housing (CZ) and Mendel’s Greenhouse (CZ). The studio has been awarded several prizes, including the 2019 Design Vanguard Award from Architectural Record, and was recently amongst the European Center for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies 2019 40 Under 40 Award winners. With the Dutch publishing house FRAME, the studio prepares its first monograph that will be released in the fall of 2023.


SASI Studio                      Website     LinkedIn    Instagram

Location: London, UK
Internship duration: 3 months paid internship

Sasi Studio is a design-led architecture practice with experience on projects at different scales, spanning from residential and commercial buildings to masterplans, from product design to interior design, with delivery into a wide variety of social and cultural settings and urban contexts. The studio works with the latest technologies using efficient digital workflows based on BIM, Parametric Modelling, Data Analysis, and Virtual Reality.

“We have broad experience gained working for several years in world-wide famous architectural offices, such as Zaha Hadid Architects, Foster and Partners, 3D Reid, Farshid Moussavi (ex-Foreign Office Architects) in London, and Alvisi Kirimoto Partners in Rome. Our experience ranges from concept design to construction and site, working on facades and interiors for several projects in different countries.”


Kraaijvanger Architects                  Website     LinkedIn    Instagram

Location: Rotterdam, Netherlands
Internship duration: 6 months paid internship

"Kraaijvanger Architects is an internationally operating architectural firm, founded in 1927 and based Rotterdam where we work with about 70 professionals on a wide variety of projects. In everything we do, it is our ambition to reconnect people and nature through timeless architecture with a positive social and ecological footprint. With generous, inclusive designs, we serve our client and society. Our designs have the resilience to accommodate the diversity of constantly changing social needs and activities. And shows a wide variety of projects: from revitalization of cities, large public buildings and innovative industries to housing, interiors, and specials. We share a strong belief in the future, and that is why we work on sustainable buildings that purify the air, contain biodiversity, share space in surprising ways, provide energy, make people healthier and happier, and are 100% reusable; buildings with a positive footprint."


ACPV ARCHITECTS                   Website     LinkedIn    Instagram

Location: Milano, Italy
Internship duration: 6 months paid internship

"ACPV ARCHITECTS Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel is an international collective with the aim of nurturing shared well-being through unique, high-profile architectural solutions worldwide.

Founded in 2000 by Antonio Citterio and Patricia Viel, the studio is currently enhanced by the creativity of more than 160 professionals and the leadership of 10 partners. From urban planning to residential and mixed-use developments, from corporate campuses to public buildings and hotels, each ACPV ARCHITECTS project embodies a new vision where nature and the noblest human aspirations can find new centrality.

Recent projects include luxury hotels in Europe, China, and the Middle East, NOVE – an office building in Munich (Germany) – Arte, a residential condominium in Miami (US), Nexxt–Fastweb’s new HQ in Milan, and La Bella Vita high-rise in Taichung (Taiwan)"


ELIA                    Website     LinkedIn    Instagram

Location: Barcelona, Spain
Internship duration: 3 months paid internship

"We have been deeply influenced and captivated by the 2030 vision and the new challenges of the future. As a result, we created ELIA, a sister company to OAB, in order to take another step to change tomorrow's world. The main mission of ELIA, whose majority owners are OAB partners, is to take advantage of its vast experience in the field of architecture to pool together design and technology and sustainability. Architecture for a brave world. We are a multidisciplinary collective team building global custom projects, always with the future in mind, bringing together space, life and innovation. We believe in cognitive architecture – ELIA is connected to everything. Some architects still project ideas disconnected from their most immediate realities whereas we see walls that connect rather than only protect. Every surface is an opportunity to bring together everything around it and experience and expand life under a different light. We have never been so interconnected to the planet, people, media, technology, the environment, to new challenges and new ways to approach them."



How can I participate?

The entry must register in our website and proceed with the payment. The entry will receive an email containing an ID and further procedure after a successful transaction and it may take up to 12 hours. This will include the link for submission.

Are the 10 internships paid?

As a partnership between Standout Archi and the awarding firms, all the internships are paid. Monthly compensation differ between a country and another but is set to cover the average monthly cost of living of the winner.

Does the registration fee differ between solo and team entries?

No. The registration fees remain the same for team entries.

Can I register at early-bird phase and submit my project at standard/late phase?

Yes. Each individual/team entry can register at early bird phase and submit their project at any other phase. Submissions open in the beginning of the competition.

Where will I use the ID? What is the procedure of the submitting the project?

The ID will be automatically generated after the payment. It will be used as a reference in the A1 posters. The participant will receive an email including the submission page link. The ID and email address will be used as reference for each submission.

What is the duration of each internship?

Internship duration is set according to the respective firm's schedule. The duration is varied between 3 and 6 months.

If my team will consist of 4 members, will all of us get the internship prize in case of winning? If yes, will all of us be at the same firm/country of internship?

If a firm does not have the capacity to have more than one intern from the same team, only one team member will be selected by the firm itself based on the team's portfolios.

To whom will the internship prizes be awarded?

10 winners will get 10 internships at the firms partnering with Standout Archi.
The jury members will vote for the best projects that deserve the internship award. Once the projects are shortlisted, Standout Archi will require the participant's portfolio as another reference for the internship award in the shortlisting process. The respective firm will solely evaluate the portfolios.

What if my country requires a Visa to the country of the internship?

Standout Archi will manage to award the internships based on several criteria including the visa issue. Partnering firms will send an invitation that will be applied to embassies in respective countries.

In case of winning, can I choose the firm to do the internship at?

Unfortunately not. Participants can not choose the preferred firm. 

Who covers the expenses of the flight and accomodation?

The winning individual/team is responsible to cover the internship expenses. 

Can one team submit multiple projects?

One project per registration is allowed. Participants are allowed to register multiple times if they wish to submit more than one project.

Can I add/edit/remove team members?

No. Once the registration is done, the team will be unable to modify the team members. However, in critical cases related to the distribution of the prizes, you can contact Standout Archi at

We are experiencing problems with the registration/submission process.

Please contact for assistance. Our team will reach out as soon as possible.

What is the required number of posters for submitting?

Kindly check the submission requirements.

Can I get a certificate of participation in case of not winning?

Every participant will receive a certificate of participation upon request on within 2 months of results announcement.

In case I refuse the internship prize, who will receive it instead?

In such cases, the internship prize or any other prize will be awarded to another sub category winner and the selection will be made by Standout Archi and the awarding firms.

What are the internships starting and ending dates?

The internships will start after results announcing. There is no specific date set for the internships, thus Standout Archi will set the most suitable date for the winners and the firms. The firms will contact the winner to select the best date that suits with the winner and the firm.